Promoting Localised Policies on CMEC

While Myanmar, like other countries, has struggled to control and recover from the global pandemic originating in Chinese city of Wuhan, China has resumed its push to accelerate the China Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC). These his controversial large-scale infrastructure projects may inject much needed stimulus to Myanmar’s economy and offer further job opportunities. Nevertheless, whether this can support sustainable development depends on several factors. More importantly, although several armed groups and state actors have been vocal in welcoming, supporting the CMEC and promoting their interests in the projects, this process ignore the voice and inclusion of the local social forces such as political parties and civil society organizations. The decision making process for the CMEC is so far shown to be very much top-down, with little public consultation. Lack of proper channel for the civic domain to influence the process enforces a perception that the current system does not guarantee local/civilian representation and voices.