Capacity Building

ISP – Myanmar grounds its capacity building program in an approach that emphasizes the role of institutions, organizational culture and broader contextual factors in influencing governance. As a result, we seek to strengthen capacities for democratic leadership through the design or reform of institutions and organizations, such as political parties, parliaments, government departments, and local associations in civil society to improve strategy and policy making processes. Our activities involve the provision of analysis and research on policy issues of topical importance, training to strengthen capacities for policy analysis and development and assistance in developing actionable recommendations for the policy community. ISP’s leadership engagement and capacity building program has worked with a variety of groups. Over the past four years, ISP has developed a proven track record of providing trainings and workshops suited to the needs of its partners.

Emerging Leaders in Governance (ELG)

As part of its capacity building initiative, ISP has launched an Emerging Leaders in Governance (ELG) program, which aims to promote learning and critical thinking. The ELG draws on its network of scholars and researchers to provide a well-structured program on governance studies, offering a graduate diploma.

The program provides participants with a theoretical understanding of federal and democratic governance issues through an empirical-based approach drawing on issues in Myanmar. The training is designed to provide participants with tools useful for addressing the ongoing daily challenges presented by decade-long civil war, democratic deficits and poor governance.
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Emerging Young Researcher Initiative (EYRI)

ISP believes that youth are important agents for change and can contribute to the country’s political development. To encourage the development of research skills by young scholars, ISP has implemented the Emerging Young Researcher Initiative aimed to provide technical and financial support for research by university students on current issues in Myanmar.
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Evidence-Based Policy Workshops and Trainings

A major component of ISP’s capacity building activities is its engagement with political parties and state and regional governments and parliaments. A goal of the program is to assist political organizations in their development of policy and strategy formulation and the recruitment of new generation leadership with skills to meet the challenges of Myanmar’s political transition. To achieve this, ISP supports evidence-based policy workshops and trainings aimed to helps these organizations institutionalize their organizational structure and functions.