ISP’s research aims to serve two main purposes and two different audiences. On the one hand, ISP-Myanmar will seek to present accessible works for the general public in order to promote the free flow of policy ideas and encourage informed policy debates. On the other hand, we plan to work closely with the leadership of political and civic organizations in order to provide analysis, assessments and policy memos suited to their specific needs in specific contexts. Our research program involves a forthcoming series of working papers written by members and associates of ISP on topics that we deem critical and topical for Myanmar’s future. In terms of research design, we use traditional research designs and are also considering complementing this with participatory action research, which we find relevant in Myanmar. The current research projects include Why Should we Care Peace, Ethnic Minorities and the Politics of Polities of Populations in Myanmar’s Peace Process and Democratic, China- Myanmar Relations and International Actors in Myanmar Peace Process.