To support our goals of democratic leadership and strengthening civic participation, ISP – Myanmar engages in the following three programs.

Leadership Engagement and Training Program

ISP – Myanmar grounds its leadership engagement and training programs in an approach that emphasizes the role of institutions, organizational culture and broader contextual factors in influencing governance. As a result, we seek to strengthen capacities for democratic leadership through the design or reform of institutions and organizations, such as political parties, parliaments, government departments, and local associations in civil society to improve strategy and policy making processes. Our activities involve the provision of analysis and research on policy issues of topical importance, training to strengthen capacities for policy analysis and development and assistance in developing actionable recommendations for the policy community.

Publication of Myanmar Quarterly and Communications Program

ISP – Myanmar publishes the Myanmar Quarterly. The publication is a quarterly journal published every three months and addresses issues relevant to contemporary Myanmar politics. A wide range of experts and researchers contribute articles, interviews and book reviews on a variety of topics. Each edition of the journal has a thematic topic. In addition to its thematic focus, MQ also has other sections that included special features, perspectives and research findings on issues relevant to Myanmar. The aim of the publication is to inspire informed debate and deliberation on important issues, which in turn helps in promoting democratic leadership and strengthening civic participation. To strengthen public outreach, members of the ISP – Myanmar also seek actively to engage with the general public and media.

Research Activities

Policy-oriented research on a broad range of topics is informs our activities. Our research program is involves a forthcoming series of working papers written by members and associates of ISP on topics that we deem critical and topical for Myanmar’s future.