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Conflict in 70 Percent of Total Townships

Rapid Expansion: SAC’s Conscription Law Implementation Plan

Conflict Engagement Across Regional Military Commands

Three Words Characterizing Naypyitaw

Impacts of Conflict Measured Through Three Indexes Nationwide

Conflict Township Conditions

Junta Breaks Cabinet Reshuffle Record

33 Distinct SAC Members in Three Years

Analyzing the Top Leadership within the Myanmar Armed Forces (MAF)

Myanmar’s Struggling Economy

Two-thirds of Towns Relinquished by MAF Are in Border Districts

Impact of Conflict: High Intensity in 18% of All Townships

EAOs Exert Territorial Control Over 53% of China’s Project Value in Myanmar

Conflict in 70% of Total Townships

EAOs Control Almost 95% of China-Myanmar Cross-Border Trade Value Following Operation 1027

China’s Democracy, Governance and Economic Model

Many Are Unaware of China’s Regional Integration Plan

Implementation of CMEC projects

Perceptions of the China–Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC) Implementation

Impacts of the China–Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC) on Myanmar’s Peace Process

China’s Purpose for the China–Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC)

Benefits From China–Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC) Projects

Operation 1027 and China’s Projects

China Leads Post-Coup Trade with Myanmar

Myanmar Dependent on China in All Sectors

China Is Perceived as Wanting Myanmar to Be an Authoritarian State

Divided Sentiments on China as a Good Neighbor

Population and Percentage of Stakeholders Surveyed from Six Key Communities

Increased Trade Activity at Thailand-Myanmar Border Stations in Recent Years

Border Trade Value Plummets by Over USD 1.3 Billion in Five Months