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Many Are Unaware of China’s Regional Integration Plan

Many Disliked the Implementation of CMEC Project Amidst the Current Crisis

China’s Status as Myanmar’s Largest Economic Partner Concerning

Myanmar Dependent on China in All Sectors

China’s Democracy Model Unfit for Myanmar

Operation 1027 Did Not Change View on China

China Is Perceived as Having an Influence Among Northern Shan State EAOs

Majority Believe China Prefers to Deal with Whomever Is in Power

China Is Perceived as Interfering in Myanmar’s Domestic Affairs

China Is Perceived as Wanting Myanmar to Be an Authoritarian State

Divided Sentiments on China as a Good Neighbor

The Old Ta’ang (Palaung) “Territorial Dream”

Scam Syndicates in Myanmar and Their Labor Entry Routes

PSLF/TNLA Central Executive Committee

Populations of PSLF/TNLA Controlled Territories

Territories Under PSLF/TNLA Control

High Intensity of Humanitarian Crisis index in Sagaing Region

78 Townships Affected by Airstrikes

Conflicts Expanded Across 69% of Townships

Shan, Sagaing and Rakhine Experienced High Intensity of Public Service Absence Index

Junta Breaks Cabinet Reshuffle Record

Patronage Reign: SAC Increasingly Stacked with Military Allies

Dismissed SAC Members

33 Distinct SAC Members in Three Years

56 Union Governmental Changes Under SAC

56 Union Governmental Changes Under SAC

56 Union Governmental Changes Under SAC

3,399 Nationwide Airstrikes Post-Coup

Post-Coup FDI inflows: $6B

SAC’s Airstrikes Displaced 300,000 People