ISP-Myanmar’s Data Privacy Policy

Welcome to ISP-Myanmar

Please read this Data Privacy Policy carefully. You are agreeing the following terms by visiting our website, registering, and using it.

ISP-Myanmar will make changes to this policy to suit the context, time, and situation from time to time and will publish the updated policy here at this page. Continue using the website means accepting the changes. 

User Information Collection

As ISP-Myanmar respects individual’s privacy, only minimum user information will be collected. 

Use of Personal Information and Usage Data

User and usage data will be only used for the following purposes. User data means the information you inputted during the registration. Usage data means the usage information collected when you visit and use the ISP-Myanmar websites and Gabyin Community Page such as browser type, frequency of visit and other related information. ISP-Myanmar will use the personal information and usage data: 

  • To communicate with Gabyin members. E.g. ISP-Myanmar will send research outputs, invitation to events and relevant reports and statements to the contact including email you added to your account during and after the registration. 
  • To send out the requested information, and to reply to questions. 
  • To better serve the users by updating the ISP-Myanmar websites.

Third Party Disclosure

ISP-Myanmar does not and will not share data that can identify any individual to any third-party organization. However, ISP-Myanmar may use aggregate data that cannot identify any individual (e.g., total number of Gabyin members, gender ratio, etc.) for reporting purposes. Sometimes, these aggregate data will be published to the public. 

Information Protection

User personal and usage data will be protected at the highest security level. 

Rights of Users

Gabyin Members can access and use the ISP-Myanmar websites within the boundaries of Myanmar’s laws. Members can edit their personal data on their own any time. They can also request help by contacting ISP-Myanmar at [email protected] to help edit their data. They can also choose to cancel their membership as well as refusing the weekly email updates by unsubscribing our services any time. 


ISP-Myanmar currently does not use the usual cookies, flash cookies, pixels, tags, software development kits, application program interface, web beacons. ISP-Myanmar does not intend to collect information from these.

Notification of Changes

ISP-Myanmar will inform members any changes to this policy. 

Contact Information

Members can contact ISP-Myanmar anytime at this email [email protected], although office hours may apply for the responses.