Terms of Use

ISP-Myanmar’s Gabyin Membership Registration

To register as a Gabyin member, you just have to follow one rule: you will not make any hate speech that discriminate anyone including ISP-Myanmar staff members based on race, religion, gender, and political views. 

Use Of Materials

ISP-Myanmar owns the copyrights of ISP-Myanmar websites, and any data and information such as Analysis, Maps and Data Matters published and distributed via Gabyin Community and emails. ISP-Myanmar publishes these data and information freely for the public usage through its websites, Gabyin Community, weekly emails, and social media channels. However, without the consent of ISP-Myanmar, no one is allowed to use these data to obtain monetary benefits such as reselling, republish and distribution by editing the information. 


ISP-Myanmar puts the best effort to produce and present timely research outputs and data at ISP-Myanmar websites and Gabyin Community. Publications are the most up to date as per the date published. However, you should use these data with care as ISP-Myanmar does not claim that they are complete and exhaustive. ISP-Myanmar has the right to make changes if necessary and relevant. Therefore, ISP-Myanmar is not responsible for the possible consequences of using these data and users will be responsible for their usage. 

Notification of Changes

ISP-Myanmar will inform members any changes to this policy. 

Contact Information 

Members can contact ISP-Myanmar anytime at this email [email protected], although office hours may apply for the responses.